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Future of Greek

Brett Mich
Greek Robots

Greek Robots

Greeks were well known for their stoic stone figures. Their ability to capture strength, grace and human emotion in their art work. With their mythology they brought immortality - Gods that were Greater than Life. Greek mythology, art and architecture has made them immortal just like the Gods they worshipped. Artists, from Michelangelo to Picasso, have found inspiration from the Greeks. 

I have found great inspiration in the Greek Myths and Designs as well. It was no difficult leap to take a modern twist on these classical myths. I took my time bringing to life Robots Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Hades. These Robots embody the myths told from century to century with a well thought out modern flare.

Zeus with is strength, wisdom and lightening bolt; Poseidon with his power over the seas, mighty earthquakes, and his always present trident; Ares with his sword and shield ready for war and never short of courage; and Hades with his dark personality, creating fear as the "King of the Dead."

Self Expression, Craftsmanship and Robots

Brett Mich
The creating of Wallbot, Clay.

The creating of Wallbot, Clay.

Self Expression is a powerful thing. In a world of mass production, instant gratification and profits, self expression and the creative process is severely stunted. At first glance it may feel like hope is lost for a more imaginative and free world. But, looking deeper, I discovered instead that more people are being inspired. They are re-discovering the value of craftsmanship. 

Craftsmanship is more than creating a quality product. It is about the process. There is value to the process; There is value in the skills developed and used in that process. It is like the saying, "Life is about the Journey. Not the Destination." In terms of self expression, people not only connect with products, but with the craftsmanship.

My robots are my self-expression in this world. I am constantly learning about myself and developing new skills with each robot I design and make. My robots are an art form that I'm finding speaks to people. The finished robot is only a part of that connection though. It is the shared value in the creative process and craftsmanship. 

What started out as a hobby and creative outlet, has turned into way to connect with the world and people around me. I have connected with more people through my own self expression and craftsmanship than I could have ever imagined. I truly look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

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Clowns: Laugh, Scream, Cry

Brett Mich
A Design Sketch of Jumbo.

A Design Sketch of Jumbo.

Why Clowns?

My original theme was circus, but I narrowed it down to clowns. I found so much inspiration during my research on clowns, I decided to run with it as my new theme. Circus clowns, french clowns and jesters were all great sources of inspiration.

Scary vs Funny

Although clowns historically were about entertainment, such as jesters, I felt in more recent history the term clown has become more complex. Scary and darker clowns are becoming more and more common especially in television and film. So my clown robots play off of this newer modern take on clowns.

Behind the Scenes

Originally JoJo was going to have a bobblehead, but during a design sketch I located his head lower on his body. It created a hunchback look that I ultimately decided to keep. 

The size of these robots are a bit bigger too. This was to create a wow factor while being displayed. Clowns are not meant to blend into a background - they stick out in almost every setting.

Clown or Robot, Robot or Clown

With all my robots I try to strike a 50/50 balance between the theme features, such as clown, and robot features. This way I do not lose the robot in the clown or lose the clown in the robot. Balance in these features is very important.

Check out our Clown Robots JoJo, Jumbo and Ickle and Tickle.