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Brett Mich
Greek Robots

Greek Robots

Greeks were well known for their stoic stone figures. Their ability to capture strength, grace and human emotion in their art work. With their mythology they brought immortality - Gods that were Greater than Life. Greek mythology, art and architecture has made them immortal just like the Gods they worshipped. Artists, from Michelangelo to Picasso, have found inspiration from the Greeks. 

I have found great inspiration in the Greek Myths and Designs as well. It was no difficult leap to take a modern twist on these classical myths. I took my time bringing to life Robots Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Hades. These Robots embody the myths told from century to century with a well thought out modern flare.

Zeus with is strength, wisdom and lightening bolt; Poseidon with his power over the seas, mighty earthquakes, and his always present trident; Ares with his sword and shield ready for war and never short of courage; and Hades with his dark personality, creating fear as the "King of the Dead."