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The Poseable WallBot

Brett Mich
Zin in the final stages.

Zin in the final stages.

The design for the WallBot unknowingly to me at the time started when I was in college. I remember sketching this robot with a futuristic and yet simple look. When I started designing the WallBot, the sketch of that college robot vividly came back to me. This became my jumping off point for the eyes and face of the WallBot. 

As I was trying to determine how to mount the WallBot, I realized I could build a much larger scale robot if I didn't give him a body. To give you an idea of his size, if I were to build the whole robot the WallBot would have been five to six feet tall! Another bonus to not having a body for the WallBot, is it creates the illusion he is coming out of the wall. This works out great with the futuristic look.

The WallBot is only a head and hands. And they are all separate pieces, which creates even more options for displaying on the wall. The head twists from right to left. The hands are very poseable with a total of thirteen articulations: The wrists flex and extend and the fingers all flex and extend. I created joints in the fingers similar to our human hands.

It has been really exciting to create a new type of robot art. This first WallBot is called Zin; but I will be making three WallBots at this scale and with this futuristic design. Each one will be painted with it's own unique color palette. Along with the R2Deco logo and my signature, Zin will have a number 1 to mark him as the first WallBot ever made.

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