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Brett Mich
The creating of Wallbot, Clay.

The creating of Wallbot, Clay.

Self Expression is a powerful thing. In a world of mass production, instant gratification and profits, self expression and the creative process is severely stunted. At first glance it may feel like hope is lost for a more imaginative and free world. But, looking deeper, I discovered instead that more people are being inspired. They are re-discovering the value of craftsmanship. 

Craftsmanship is more than creating a quality product. It is about the process. There is value to the process; There is value in the skills developed and used in that process. It is like the saying, "Life is about the Journey. Not the Destination." In terms of self expression, people not only connect with products, but with the craftsmanship.

My robots are my self-expression in this world. I am constantly learning about myself and developing new skills with each robot I design and make. My robots are an art form that I'm finding speaks to people. The finished robot is only a part of that connection though. It is the shared value in the creative process and craftsmanship. 

What started out as a hobby and creative outlet, has turned into way to connect with the world and people around me. I have connected with more people through my own self expression and craftsmanship than I could have ever imagined. I truly look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

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