R2Deco Design

One of a Kind Robots

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Unique One of a Kind Robot" mean?

This means each robot is designed and made by Brett Mich. Brett does not duplicate robots. Therefore, each robot is unique and one of a kind. If you purchase a robot, there will never be another one like it.

What does 2.0 mean?

If a robot is titled with 2.0, it means it is a second version of that robot. Although Brett does not duplicate any robots, he does go back and make changes or improvements  to old designs. As with any artist and a piece of art it is constantly evolving. Brett is fortunate to work with a medium that allows him to go back and make artistic changes so that someone else may enjoy the new version of an old robot. (Note: Brett will only ever do this once to a design. Therefore you will never see a 3.0, 4.0 etc. And not all robot designs will have a 2.0)

Why are they called "posable art" and not toys?

These robots are not built or designed to withstand the wear and tear of play. They are designed to be art you pose and display the way you like in your home or office.

Does Brett design/build custom robots?

Brett has designed and printed custom robots. Contact Brett at r2decodesign@gmail.com if you are interested in a custom robot. The time frame from design to shipment varies. Price varies based on size and design details.

How are prices determined?

Prices currently vary between $200 and $500 for Brett's robots. Special/custom robots may be more expensive. Price is determined by the material needed, time to design, print, and paint. Brett can invest sometimes several months working on one robot from design all the way to the pictures used on the website. The demand for the robots and business related expenses (i.e. website and upgrades to equipment and programs) are also taken into account when pricing each robot. 

Are robots signed and/or marked?

Brett's robots are all marked with an R2Deco logo, usually on the bottom of the foot of the robot. In Spring 2017, Brett started to also include signatures on each robot. Therefore, all new purchases will include both a R2deco logo marking and a signature.